Above All Roofing knows the new laws required to meet California new building codes.  Don’t risk being fined or penalized by not having your roof installed or inspected to meet the new 2014 building code laws.


Title 24 energy efficiency standards explains it this way in the glossary section:

CA climate zones

“The Energy Commission established 16 climate zones that represent a geographic area for which an energy budget is established. These energy budgets are the basis for the standards….” “(An) energy budget is the maximum amount of energy that a building, or portion of a building…can be designed to consume per year.”

“The Energy Commission originally developed weather data for each climate zone by using unmodified (but error-screened) data for a representative city and weather year (representative months from various years). The Energy Commission analyzed weather data from weather stations selected for (1) reliability of data, (2) currency of data, (3) proximity to population centers, and (4) non-duplication of stations within a climate zone.





For more information regarding the climate zone map, please refer to the Title 24 Standards or contact the Title 24, Energy Efficiency Standards Hotline at:

E-mail: title24@energy.state.ca.us
800-772-3300 (toll free in Calif.)